Hanoch Roniger
Asian Studies Subject Specialist Librarian & Technical Services Librarian
Bloomfield Library for the Humanities and Social Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Bloomfield Library for the Humanities and Social Sciences is
located at the center of the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem and operates as part of the Library Authority
of the Hebrew University. It was established in 1981 as a result of
the consolidation of 24 separate departmental libraries. It serves the
community of the Hebrew University as well as residents of the
the surrounding area, among them a large community of several hundred
Korean nationals residing in Jerusalem. Korean Studies at the Hebrew
University was established in 1992 when the Department of Asian
Studies started offering courses on Korea, and it has since become a
fully-fledged section of the department. As the section grew, the
the library has also evolved in order to support and promote Korean
Studies as it did to support other disciplines for which interest has
grown over the years.

The library collection is cataloged according to the MARC21 & RDA
standards and is managed via the Alma integrated library system. Our
authority control is based on the Israeli National Name Authority
File, to which we are active contributors. Materials are cataloged in
one of four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English, or Russian based on
the language of the material. For materials in other languages, the
vernacular title, authority-controlled access points, table of
contents and other details are added to the bibliographic records
alongside transliteration in accordance with the ALA-LC romanization

The Korean collection of the Bloomfield Library is an important basis
in the development and support of Korean Studies at the Hebrew
The University of Jerusalem. Since its earliest steps toward developing
its Korean collections, the Bloomfield Library has provided meaningful
resources assisting faculty and students in research and learning.
Moreover, it has become an important anchor for the promotion of
Korean culture, society, language, and history at Hebrew University
and in Israel at large.

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