What Made King Sejong the Great ‘Great’?

The portrait of the only king in the history of Korea that was honored with the appellation ‘Great’.

How the fact that his statue is stationed in the heart of Seoul, and that his figure is depicted on national banknotes and posters can teach us about Korea?

About the lecturer:

Dr. Guy shababo is a historian of Korea and an expert on the Joseon period. His research deals with factions and groups of nobles and intellectuals in Korea, and with the thought and belief of the yangban- the powerful people of Joseon

Date and Time: November 30, Monday, 11.00-12.00 on Zoom

*The lecture is open to students and graduates of the Asian Studies Department. For registration: irina.lyan@mail.huji.ac.il


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  1. Маргарита

    Hangul is a Korean writing system created in the h century by King Sejong the Great. It is characterised by grouping letters into different syllable combinations.

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