Month: November 2020

What Made King Sejong the Great ‘Great’?

The portrait of the only king in the history of Korea that was honored with the appellation ‘Great’.

How the fact that his statue is stationed in the heart of Seoul, and that his figure is depicted on national banknotes and posters can teach us about Korea?

About the lecturer:

Dr. Guy shababo is a historian of Korea and an expert on the Joseon period. His research deals with factions and groups of nobles and intellectuals in Korea, and with the thought and belief of the yangban- the powerful people of Joseon

Date and Time: November 30, Monday, 11.00-12.00 on Zoom

*The lecture is open to students and graduates of the Asian Studies Department. For registration:

Whose Accent? Situating Diasporic Korean Cinema

Department of Asian Studies, The Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem are honored to invite you to the department second webinar:

Whose Accent? Situating Diasporic Korean Cinema
Lecturer: Ji-yoon An
Tübingen University
Discussant: Ira Lyan, Hebrew University

Date and Time:

Wed, Nov 25, 2020, 16:30-18:00 Israeli time (GMT+2)

* Lecture is in English

עוד הרצאה מרתקת כחלק מ’שישי קוריאני’ בזום!

תאריך: יום שישי, 04/12/2020 שעה 11:00

Link for registration:

*נא שימו לב- ההרצאה תועבר באנגלית*

“Aliens, Mermaids and Cartoons: Neoliberal Gender Politics in South Korean Dramas of the 2010s”

In recent rom-com K-dramas, it has been possible to detect a trend of fantasy love stories, with other worldly beings forming heterosexual relationships with human characters: from an alien in My Love from the Star (2013-2014), a “webtoon” character in W (MBC, 2016), a mermaid in The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016), a “goblin” in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (tvN, 2016), and even a monkey king in A Korean Odyssey (tvN 2017-8). Further noteworthy in this same body of works has been the tendency to simultaneously reinvent and integrate Korean folktales into their narratives. This talk discusses the gender politics of these dramas, to explore how the patterns detected in this body of television culture relate to the neoliberal changes in today’s Korea. *Lecturer: Ji-yoon An is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Korean Studies at the University of Tübingen, Germany. An received her Ph.D. in East Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge, UK. Coming from a background in Music and Film Studies, An is a scholar of Korean Studies with interests in cultural trends and flows.

קול קורא לסדנת המחקר החמישית ללימודי קוריאה בישראל.

סטודנטים.ות מתקדמים לתואר שני ושלישי וחוקרים.ות בלימודי קוריאה? ההודעה הזו עבורכם.ן!
ביום א’ ה–13 בדצמבר 2020 (חג החנוכה) תיערך סדנת המחקר חמישי במספר ללימודי קוריאה בישראל. בסדנה זו תוכלו לקחת חלק ולהציג את מחקרכם.ן.
-(דד ליין להגשת הצעות: 15 בנובמבר (על ההצעה להיות באנגלית).
*השנה הסדנה תיערך בזום*

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