Photographs from Arirang II performance at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – a cultural  performance of over 50 Koreans who sang and danced to celebrate 70 years for both Israel and South Korea. The Korean guests performed to Hebrew traditional and modern songs, and students of the Hebrew University performed in Korean as well – sang a traditional song and danced to a popular modern Korean-pop song – to show the cultural collaboration between the two countries.

Congratulations to Anna Emanuel, Daniella Faktorovitch, Aviv Lasri, Tal Hibsher, Rotem Lazarovitch, Lior Ben Arye, Shir Mannes and Tair Hamou for getting scholarships for their cultural activities.

Also we’d like to thank Hila Halevi, Dana Gelfand, Anna Emanuel, Hana Ferdman, Tair Hamou, Inbar Bibi, Daniella Faktorovitch, Chen Rabinovitch, Shira Fagadau, Sara Hailyo, Alona Sayag, Nave Khlil and Shai Gvili for volunteering in the event itself.