[Invitation] Arirang – Korean Cultural Performance for Israel


The 26th AKS Summer Program for International Students


[Invitation] East Asia’s Security Challenges – 21-22 January 2018


  1. Meira Koffman

    Hello! I would like to reserve 2 tickets for your cultural performance in Jerusalem on 5.2.18.
    Thank you so much!

  2. evelyne ryza

    I tryed the website on the poster but it does not work for order 2 tickets.
    How can y do for getting tickets for today. Could you send me to my mail please?
    Thank you

  3. Yumi Yamamoto

    Hello, I’m going to your performance this evening which will start by 5pm. I will be coming using bus 25, if possible that someone will meet me in the entrance of the Tel Aviv university so I won’t get lost by searching your performing place I will appreciate that so much. I will use an BTS mask on my face for recognizing me. Thank u!

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