On December 17th, Bar Ilan University held a workshop about Korean Studies. The workshop hosted Dr. Alon Levkowitz of Bar Ilan University, Dr. Ira Lyan, Dr. Uri Kaplan and Dr. Dima Mironenko of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Guy Podoler of the University of Haifa and Dr. Liora Sarfzti of Tel Aviv University. Also, some MA students and PhD candidates presented their works as well:  Evgenia Lachina, Maya Mordechay, Ella Heller, Anat Haina, Tair Hamou and Gilad Weiss.

The Korean Embassy also came to the workshop, gave scholarships to all its participants and gave a special scholarship to Dr. Ira Lyan for writing her PhD paper about Korea-related issues. The Embassy will give such scholarship to any person who’ll write its PhD paper about Korea in the future.