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The 7th World Congress of Hallyu

Dear all,

You are hereby invited to the biggest Korean popular culture research convention that will take place on December 2nd-3rd in the WAHS of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The convention, which is organized by the global association for Hallyu studies will center around the globalization of popular culture. During the convention, about 50 participants from 16 countries will show their studies hosted by Asian Studies departments.

The convention will cover a variety of topics – from the effects of Korean popular culture like K-Pop, K-food, K-cosmetics, beauty culture, and social media, and how the Korean government attempts to leverage popular culture into soft power, as well as social topics like gender inequality and sexual harassments.

The global association for Hallyu studies was created from the exceptional success of Korean music, dramas, video games and movies from the late 90s in Asian countries, and quickly spread all over the world. Additionally to the economic benefits, this success brought a rise in South Korea’s soft power and creating a rise in the interest of global fan communities in South Korean studies.

For additional details, press this link. The entrance is free with this invitation.

We will be happy to see you!

[Pictures] Korea Week and Asia Day 2019

We would like to thank anyone who participated in our activities and made both events a success! The pictures of the different events are beneath the cut:

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Lecture Invitation

You are hereby invited to a lecture taking place on Tuesday, June 4th at Mount Scopus. The invitation is attached below with farther details. The lecture will be given in English.

Affective Modernities in Korea Workshop

Dear all, you are hereby invited to a workshop regarding the local and global exchanges in Korea, held by Tel Aviv University. The event is on May 22nd, 2019, in the Gilman Building. 496, Tel Aviv.

Among other events, they will hosting informal meetings with visiting scholars such as:

  • Steve Choe, a Korean movie researcher from San Francisco University, will meet students on May 21th at 16:00.
  • Sonia Ryang, an Anthropologist researching North Korea and Japan from Rice University, will meet students on May 23rd at 11:00.
  • Dafna Zur, a Literature researching North and South Korean literature in Stanford University, will meet students on May 23rd at 13:30.

The full schedule for the Workshop can be found here: Affective Modernities in Korea-program. If you wish to sign up to one of these meetings, please mail Liora Sarfati at:

50th anniversary of Asian Studies at HUJI

Dear all, you are hereby invited by the Asian studies at HUJI to its 50th-anniversary celebration!

On May 22th, 2019, in Maaravim 3, Jerusalem, at the “HaMiffal”. The celebration will begin at 18:30.

You’re welcome to join us for a night that is all Eastern Asia-related. There will be good food, a DJ session with current Asian music, a themed quiz and like Ted Talks!


  • 18:30-19:00 – Gathering
  • 19:00-19:10 – Opening words by Orna Naphtali
  • 19:10-19:20 – A department story by Rachel Ganani
  • 19:20-19:40 – Kahoot quiz by Gidion Shelach
  • 19:40-19:55 – TED TALK about the India department “What Will the Mango Say?” by Rotem Geva
  • 19:55-20:10 – Break time
  • 20:10-20:25 – TED TALK about the Chinese department “Ging ka – The Glory of the Failing Terrorist World”
  • 20:25-20:40 – Break time
  • 20:40-20:55 – TED TALK about the Japanese department “Warriors of Dark and Light: Who Were the Ninjas?”
  • 20:55-21:05 – Break time
  • 21:05-21:35 – A performance by the band “Rockberry Sisters”

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