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The 7th World Congress for Hallyu

On December 2-3, 2019, we held the 7th congress for Hallyu in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The convention was organized by the World Association for Hallyu Studies (WAHS) discussed social and cultural topics and concentrated on the globalization of popular culture. In the convention, about 50 participants from 16 different countries will present their researches.

The convention included the following topics: the different aspects of Korean popular culture such as Kpop, food, cosmetics, beauty culture and social media, the way the South Korean government uses popular culture as soft power, and social topics like gender inequality and sexual harassments.

The WAHS was created from the extraordinary success of Korean music, dramas, video games and films from the late ’90s, soon spreading across the world. Additionally to the financial profits, this success brought an empowerment of the South Korean soft power and creative industries in local communities on the bases of the growing interest in Korean studies.

For additional details, please advise the link:

Kan 11 Interview on The Globalization of the Korean Wave

Professor Nissim Otmazgin held an interview with Kan 11 radio on the Globalization of the Korean Wave. The interview is in Hebrew, and can be accessed in the following link:

Korean Friday for 7.2.20

Date: 7.2.20
Time: 11:00
Location: The Korean Embassy in Israel; HaSadnaot 6, Herzliya.

Four Directions in Current South Korean Art

The South’s compass rose – Do HoSuh, Lee Bul, Chung KwangYoung, and Lee JeeYoung. We will go on a journey between fallen stars, hung moons, squids and a broken heart. The lecture will revolve around four important and international artists who were born in South Korea. These artists belong to different generations and versatile world perceptions. The movement between the tradition they come from, criticism and missing where they grew up and the heavy influence of the culture where they grew up affects the different bodies of work they produce.

Nivi Alroy is a multidisciplinary artist that specializes in drawing, sculpting, installation and video and animation, an art lecturer and teacher.

Panel on Korean Diasporas in East Asia

On January 26-27th, 2020, we held a panel on Korean diasporas in East Asia as a workshop for graduate students. The panel took place on Mt. Scopus and was constructed of the following lectures:

11:15-12:30 – Korean Diasporas in East Asia with the chair:

Orna Naftali, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Aki Sohn-Katada, Kyoto University

Japanese Multiculturalism and its Korean Diasporas with the chair:

Tal Kaptur, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ethnic Korean ‘Girls’ Talk’: Narrating ‘Girlhood’ and ‘Ethnic Identification’ in Northeast China.

We thank everyone who took part in the workshop, and hope to see you again in future events.

Language Exchange Cafe

Dear All,

We’re happy to inform that a language exchange cafe took place on the 19th of January with much attendance and success. The meeting allowed Israeli and Korean students to communicate with each other, explore the use of both Korean and Hebrew and create connections that are important for both parties. We hope that this occurrence can happen again to deepen the connection created.

Thank you!

Pictures can be found under the cut:

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