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2017 Scholarships

Scholarships for students who were active in cultural events:
Nimra Hitron, Shir Maimon, Tal Hibsher, Lior Ben Arye.

Scholarships for academic excellence:
1st year: Katriel Sigala, Shira Fagadau, Shir Mannes, Noam Alperon.
2nd year: Tair Hamou, Hana Ferdman, Sapir Elkarat, Anna Emanuel.

Promoting Korea Contest

Congrutionations to Bar Cohen (1st place), Tair Hamou (2nd Place) and Nave Klilh (3rd place) for winning a comptetion for promoting Korean Studies in Israel. The three suggested some very interesting ideas, good luck!

Korea Department Meeting

At the end of the school year, first and second year students gathered together to talk about the studies in the department. The students were given new tasks for the next year, and talked about things need improvement in their opinion.

Multicalturalism in Israel & South Korea

Whither Korea?

Korean Speech Contest 2017

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