Month: March 2017

[Ira Lyan] MK Test on 경제신문은 내친구면

Irina Lyan’s interview on MK test, click on the picture for original size:

[Ira Lyan] The Relation Between Technological Excellency and High Suicide Rate

An interesting article interviewing Ira Lyan in Channel 10, you can watch and read about it in the following link:

[Ira Lyan] Songdo – The Smart City

Another intersting article interviewing Ira Lyan, about Songdo City, South Korea; in Channel 10. You can read and watch it in the following link:

[Dr. Alon Levkowitz] China, U.S. and South Korea

An article written by Dr. Alon Levkowitz about political issues between America and East Asia for Ynet:,7340,L-4931286,00.html

HUJI’s 2017 Open Day

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